March 25, 2017


How to apply for registration for our TEFL course:

Before you apply for registration, please ensure that you have attended to the following:

a) That you familiarized yourself with our website and Facebook content –

b) That you read through the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our website;

c) That you understand the difference between our flagship full-time course and Distant Learning course;

d) That you have contacted us either via WhatsApp/Phone/sms (Suzette – 072 611 7033 or Michiel – 072 075 2945) or e mail at: if you have any questions prior to registering;

Thereafter, you can Apply for Registration.



Option A to register:

1. You must complete our online Registration Form on this page. Scroll down to access it.

2. Send a voicenote of at least 1 minute to WhatsApp 072 075 2945 with your name and surname, telling us who you are and from where you are and some background.


Option B to register:

1. You can download the Registration Form  Complete it and send it back to us at:





Remember to do your handwritten essay and to send it either to or WhatsApp it to 072 075 2945 *