August 30, 2016

About the courses

Our TEFL courses are high-quality courses not only based on best practice TEFL courses but we added very important modules to ensure that our courses are probably the best courses available in the world.

Our qualification will give you the best opportunity to get an excellent job overseas or to teach from the comfort of your home online.Excellence

Employers love our courses as we added very unique modules like Educational Psychology, Cognitive Development, Identity Stages, being a Professional teacher/facilitator, Zone of Proximal Development, 150 Learning and Teaching styles, Whole Brain Teaching (by qualified brain profile practitioners), Mock interviews, WhatsApp Job information, how to draft your TEFL CV, PRACTICAL TEACHING IN KINDERGARTEN, PRIMARY SCHOOLS, HIGH SCHOOLS AND ADULT TEACHING, and many more modules that you will only find in our TEFL course.

We are proud of the fact that our TEFL teachers are well equipped after completing our course. They leave our course with a sought-after TEFL Certificate from an excellent Academic Institution and lots of self-confidence, skills, and expertise.

Our course is very user-friendly and the layout is easy to understand.

When you have completed both the practical component of your training as well as the self-study assignments, you will be assessed to ensure you have an excellent understanding of the theory and principals of teaching English as a Foreign Language as well the practical skills of an efficient Teacher.
Once you have completed your assessment requirements you will receive your certification as a TEFL (Teach English Overseas as a Foreign Language) Teacher.