September 7, 2016

Full-Time Course – 1 Month (140 hours) with Practical Teaching

  • Full-Time Course – 1 month – (140 hours)
  • Course price:- R 6 900

Come do our 1-month flagship course in Knysna. Affordable accommodation is available. Most people who did it are now either teaching overseas or teaching online and earning excellent money! 

Our Full Time course consists of the following modules:

Theoretical Modules Covered

  • Teaching Skills

Presenting Vocabulary, Concept Checking for Understanding, Error Correction, Developing Listening Skills, vocabularyDeveloping Reading Skills, Developing Writing Skills, Integrating Skills, Using Songs in the Classroom, Teaching Pronunciation, Presenting Grammar, Motivating Students, Teaching Business English, Teaching Beginners, Communicative, The Phonemic Chart, Teaching, Teaching Methods and Teaching Styles, Using Technology in the Classroom

  • Planning and Classroom Management
  • Lesson Planning, Classroom Management and Control
  • Language Knowledge
  • Language Analysis, Tense and Aspect
  • Educational Psychologyeducational psychhology
  1. Zone of Proximate Development/Optimal Teaching Sweetspot, Learning and Study Methods, Critical Evaluation and Assessment, Being a Professional Teacher
  2. Young Learners
  3. Teaching Young Learners, Cognitive Stages and Abilities Ages 2 to 19, Educational Development Phases of the Student

Practical Teaching Hours

  • Total Hours Taught: 6 Hours: Trainees teach for 12 hours on their course.
  • Levels and Ages Taught: Trainees teach students with CEFR Levels B1 to C2 from the ages of 4 years old to adults.

Teaching Observed

Trainees observe 9 hours of qualified teachers teaching English as a Foreign Language to different levels and ages.

Written Assignments Completed

Focus on a Learner, Language Awareness, Detailed Lesson Plan and Personal Teaching Development Plan

Payment Options

Option 1

R 6900 (once off)