August 24, 2019

Supplementary course for TEFL certificate holders who obtained their TEFL certificate from another company and want to teach Online

40-Hour course for Online TEFL Teachers

This course was specifically designed for TEFL teachers intending to teach English as a Foreign language Online and who did a TEFL course at another company and need practical training and experience.

The course is taken over a period of 1 to 2 months.

It is a 40-hour TEFL course specialising in teaching students TEFL methodology as well as online techniques and platforms (online teaching programs).

Students also get the opportunity to participate in 8-hour online training sessions. These practical sessions are spread over 8 weeks, 1 hour per week. They get the opportunity to become familiar with an online teaching platform and how to actually give a full lesson via online teaching. These online teaching sessions and lessons are recorded so that students can use it when they apply for online jobs.

This is one of the most hands-on courses that equip the TEFL teacher well for online teaching.

We give you guidance as to what you can expect when applying for a job and help you with your introduction video and online CV.

We do a mock interview with you and assist you also with an introduction video, both video-introduction as well as e-introduction.

Our school runs a specialised ONLINE TEACHING training division ensuring a high-quality relevant course for people who only want to teach Online and cannot go abroad.

Most of our qualified TEFL teachers are currently teaching online after completing our course, earning great money.

Type of Course: – Distance Learning Course

Length of course: 40-hours over a period of 1 to 2 months

Payment Options

R 2 900 (once-off)

Payment Options

Option 1

R 2 900 (once off)