Can I notarize the TEFL Certificate that I receive from your school and go abroad and teach abroad with it?

Yes, absolutely.

The process is as follows after you receive your TEFL Certificate from our highly reputable instititution:

  1. Have your TEFL Certificate notorized by a public notary (attorney);
  2. Send your TEFL Certificate to the High Court to obtain a stamp on it;
  3. Send your TEFL Certificate to DIRCO to have it Certified;
  4. Send your TEFL Certificate to the Chinese / Vietnamese or whichever Embassy to have it authenticated.

Companies like Docassist – www.docassist.co.za – (attention Janine Nair) at
Janine Nair – [email protected] do authentications and certifications on behalf of our TEFL teachers. There are many other reputable companies that you can use too.

Please contact us should you have any queries. Our Certification is BOTH a TEFL and a TESOL which makes it a sought after qualification by schools allover the world.


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