September 7, 2016

1. Full-Time Course – 1 Month (160 hours) with Practical Teaching

  • Full-Time Course – 1 month – (160 hours – See our Course dates)
  • Course price:- R 6 900

Come and do our 1-month flagship course in Knysna. Affordable accommodation is available. Most people who did it are now either teaching overseas or teaching online and earning excellent money! 

Our Full-Time course consists of the following modules:

Theoretical Modules Covered

  • Teaching Skills
  • Whole-brain teaching
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Presenting Vocabulary
  • Concept Checking for Understanding
  • Error Correction
  • Teaching Listening Skills
  • Teaching Reading Skills
  • Teaching Speaking Skills
  • Assessing learners
  • Integrating Skills
  • Using Songs in the Classroom
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Presenting Grammar
  • Motivating Students
  • English for Special Purposes
  • Teaching Beginners
  • The Phonemic Chart
  • Teaching Methods and Teaching Styles
  • Using Technology in the Classroom
  • Hardware & Software (online teaching)
  • TPR in Online teaching
  • Planning and Classroom Management & Control
  • Lesson Planning (7 stage lesson plans including PPP)
  • Language Knowledge
  • Language Analysis, Tense and Aspect
  • Educational Psychology (4 Theories)
  • Zone of Proximate Development/Optimal Teaching Sweetspot
  • Learning and Study Methods
  • Critical Evaluation and Assessment
  • Being a Professional Teacher
  • Teaching Young Learners, Cognitive Stages and Abilities Ages 2 to 19, Educational Development Phases of the Student
  • Contracts & work ethics
  • Technologyeducational psychhology

Practical Teaching Hours

  • Total Hours Taught: 10 Hours: Trainees teach for 10 hours on their course.
  • Levels and Ages Taught: Trainees teach students with CEFR Levels B1 to C2 from the ages of 4 years old to adults.
  • Our students also get Online Teaching training an will teach actual real students Online as part of their training.

Teaching Observed

Trainees observe 9 hours of qualified teachers teaching English as a Foreign Language to different levels and ages.

Written Assignments Completed

Focus on a Learner, Language Awareness, Detailed Lesson Plan and Personal Teaching Development Plan

You will get guidance, information and help on the following and will be shown videos and photos of teaching and living abroad:

*Advice and guidance on living Abroad
*Mock interviews
*Assistance with your TEFL CV and examples
*Travel advice and guidance
*Placement assistance and guidance
*Assistance with Simcard
*Assistance to open Bank Account
*Advice on money transfers
*Advice on Medical Insurance and Medical Cover
*Advice on Apartments and contracts related to it
*City Assistance
*Free Asia Living guide compiled by our School & Placement Division
with hundreds of tips from teachers living in Asia
*App assistance & VPN information
*Support once you are in Asia
*Contract assistance
*Flight tracking and safe arrival assurance

The most successful TEFL Course in the world. Students doing this flagship course are well equipped to teach anywhere in the world with teaching integrity and total support from our school.

We do not only give you a sought after TEFL & TESOL Certificate, but we also give you a future!

R 6 900 (once-off)