Full-Time 280-Hours Course

This is our flagship course, probably the best full-time TEFL / TESOL course that you can get with practical teaching, icebreakers, warmers, fillers, games and songs.

4 weeks full-time on-campus + 120-hours Online 

Anyone who is serious about TEFL and wants to learn the best skills and methodology in order to be a successful TEFL teacher. This is the benchmark TEFL course which is employers’ first choice. We have the highest success rate of TEFL teachers finding jobs after completing their course. 

Both graduates and non-graduates can do this course

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Full-time Course

120 HOURS TEFL / TESOL Online Teaching and theory

TOTAL HOURS = 280 Hours

The 4 weeks full-time courses are offered in Knysna at the Knysna English School from 9 am to 13h30 pm daily, Monday to Friday.

This 280 hours intensive TEFL / TESOL course equips you to:|

  • teach English as a foreign language OVERSEAS


  • teach English as a foreign language ONLINE from home.


This Full-time course is our flagship course and includes practical teaching of various age groups to ensure that you gain experience of the TEFL Methodology. (Only one of its kind in the world).

During this course, you interact with fellow students and have Course facilitators available to train and guide you whilst working through the course material that includes: TEFL methodology, Grammar, Teaching Styles, Teaching methods, Whole-brain teaching, Multiple Intelligences, Memory Retention, Educational Psychology and much more.

This course equips you to have the self-confidence and skills necessary to function as a qualified TEFL teacher.


#There are affordable accommodation options available where previous TEFL trainees have stayed, you are welcome to contact us if you require more information in this regard.

COST: R 8 500 which includes all course material.
(Excluding accommodation)

Our courses are high-quality TEFL courses presented in a fun and dynamic way.
Learning should be something that you enjoy and therefore we incorporate many interesting and diverse methods on our course.

To be fully prepared for teaching abroad, it is vital to attend a course where you get high-quality intensive training in the latest teaching methodologies and enough practical teaching hours. You will be able to get a better position more easily with higher remuneration as a result of this, as employers are becoming less and less likely to employ teachers that have only done an online TEFL course.

Once you have completed our 160-hour TEFL/TESOL course with us, you will receive a TEFL certificate with which you will be able to apply for teaching jobs abroad. During the course we assist you with your CV as well as guidance to make a professional Introduction video. We will assist and guide you during your job application process and will also advise you on Visa requirements, living abroad and more.

Take the first step to your new and exciting career, contact us today!

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Theoretical Modules Covered

  • Teaching Skills
  • Whole-brain teaching
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Presenting Vocabulary
  • Concept Checking for Understanding
  • Error Correction
  • Teaching Listening Skills
  • Teaching Reading Skills
  • Teaching Speaking Skills
  • Assessing learners
  • Integrating Skills
  • Using Songs in the Classroom
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Presenting Grammar
  • Motivating Students
  • English for Special Purposes
  • Teaching Beginners
  • The Phonemic Chart
  • Teaching Methods and Teaching Styles
  • Using Technology in the Classroom
  • Hardware & Software (online teaching)
  • TPR in Online teaching
  • Planning and Classroom Management & Control
  • Lesson Planning (7 stage lesson plans including PPP)
  • Language Knowledge
  • Language Analysis, Tense and Aspect
  • Educational Psychology (4 Theories)
  • Zone of Proximate Development/Optimal Teaching Sweetspot
  • Learning and Study Methods
  • Critical Evaluation and Assessment
  • Being a Professional Teacher
  • Teaching Young Learners, Cognitive Stages and Abilities Ages 2 to 19, Educational Development Phases of the Student
  • Contracts & work ethics
  • Technology

Practical Teaching Hours

  • Total Hours Taught: 10 Hours: Trainees teach for 10 hours on their course.
  • Levels and Ages Taught: Trainees teach students with CEFR Levels B1 to C2 from the ages of 4 years old to adults.
  • Our students also get Online Teaching training an will teach actual real students Online as part of their training.

Teaching Observed

Trainees observe 9 hours of qualified teachers teaching English as a Foreign Language to different levels and ages.

Written Assignments Completed

Focus on a Learner, Language Awareness, Detailed Lesson Plan and Personal Teaching Development Plan

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Full-time Course