Job Assistance

It is of utmost importance to us that our TEFL Teachers find reputable and secure jobs, either Online or Abroad. We therefore go out of our way to guide and assist them in a number of ways to ensure that they are not alone on this sometimes tricky and treacherous road.


TEFL Teacher Placements is a professional recruitment agency which is part of our school and places qualified TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teachers in overseas countries.

We have branch offices in China and Vietnam.

We also assist TEFL teachers with referrals to other countries outside of Asia but this division specialises in placements in China and Vietnam as these countries are very safe with high income and low living cost opportunities.


Students are given guidance as to what they can expect when applying for an Online job and we assist them with their Introduction Video, Cover Letter, Online CV and also furnish them with close to a 100 companies’ names where they can apply for jobs. We guide them through the whole process as Applying to companies and getting your first job is very tricky and sometimes difficult.

We do a mock interview with our students and also assist them with an introduction video, both video-introduction as well as e-introduction.

More than 90% of our Online TEFL teachers doing this course start teaching within 0 to 3 months after completion of our course.